Change of Format

I want to thank all of my subscribers on YouTube for their interest in my ministry. First, I apologize to all of my viewers that I had not posted new content for quite some time. I have been very busy with seminary studies, as well as my own research in various topics of theology. I felt led by the Holy Spirit that a change was in order to my ministry, as I have transitioned my ministry from video-based to text-based.

As I hope you can understand, limitations exist when distributing video-based apologetic messages. I feel that by communicating in writing, I can better express my points and better reveal the truths of God’s Word. I will be transposing my many YouTube videos into posts on this new site in the coming weeks.

As always, I encourage my readers to submit questions or comments. I love hearing from you-all and love to help guide you through the Bible or answer your questions about the Christian faith. Feel free to contact me here.

Take care and God bless.